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Adventure Sail

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Coastal Sailing and Milebuilding

Adventure Sailing

6 day or 12 day East Coast Sailing Adventure

Log additional mileage on your logbook or simply come along for the coastal sail training experience.

A real sailing treat to Australia's georgous East Coast anchorages.


The Open Sea

coastal adventure sail


Coastal Sailing and Mile Building

Sailing Adventure on the East Coast of Australia


What's Included?introductory sailing lessons pittwater

Club Sail’s Coastal Sail Training Adventures will take eight participants on a fantastic sailing adventure to either the wilds of Broughton Island (70nm North of Pittwater) or the tranquility of Jervis Bay (90nm South of Pittwater), dependent on weather at the time.

Click on the reservations tab above for the scheduled cruises.

Whether you seek the thrill of an adventure, improved sailing and navigation skills, a great social weekend or just more time on the water with the wind in your sails to help your mile accumulation, this trip can offer it all.

This is your adventure, and as a group you can plan your own discovery cruise as you wish before we depart, with the help of our Offshore Yachtmaster Instructor.

We will then aim to leave Pittwater that evening, sailing through the night for the first of your experiences. We will explore our new bound destination, seek out the unusual beaches and anchorages, take a swim, snorkel or a walk, fish, watch the sunset, and maybe even have a barbecue or a picnic on the beach. We may also stop in neighbouring bays and harbours as whim and weather permit.

You can look forward to the continued practice of sailing skills towards your next sailing qualification, whatever level that may be, and add a few hundred miles to your log book. We will arrive back in Pittwater on the last evening to round off a fabulous long weekend on the water with like-minded adventurous people.

Our destinations

Jervis Bay (90 miles South of Pittwater)

The jewel of the beautiful South Coast invites you to share its secrets:coastal sailing

  • Magnificent National Parks & Marine Park
  • Beautiful and charming small towns, hidden creeks and inlets
  • Natural, unspoilt and secluded bays, clear blue waters and incredible white sand beaches
  • A hinterland with rugged scenery, mountains, waterfalls, creeks and great bushwalking

Jervis Bay is truly one of the most natural oases along the New South Wales coast. Protected by towering sandstone cliffs and fed by oceanic currents, its close proximity to the Continental Shelf ensures nutrient rich water. White sandy beaches lead to thick unspoilt bush with the occasional small rainforest less than 200 metres from the shore.

Kangaroos can be seen on some of the beaches in the mornings, and dolphins are regular friends. Humpback Whales visit from May through to November on their migration north and south.

A colony of some 200 Australian Fur Seals inhabit a rocky ledge during the winter months. These playful animals always seem happy to have friendly human contact and are a must when weather conditions allow.

Two small rivers feed Jervis Bay - Moona Creek and Currambene Creek. These are shrouded by mangroves and seagrass, which again filter the water. Large Black Stingrays up to 2 metres across can be seen gliding along these waterways.

Bowen Island at the southern side is home to a large colony of Fairy Penguins as well as home to White Bellied Sea Eagles and several other seabirds.

Broughton Island (70 miles North of Pittwater)

sailing adventure australiaBroughton Island is a faraway place. It is always an adventure to visit. It is an island of sandy beaches, volcanic peaks and stunted, wind-swept vegetation. The sea journey is a kaleidoscope of sea cliffs, swells, terns, flying fish, dolphins and salt spray.

Broughton is packed with life. In the warm months of the year thousands of shearwaters (or muttonbirds) enter their underground burrows at night, firstly to hatch and then to care for their single chick. Growing up, the young birds are left alone for long periods while their parents feed. Chicks in the nest make a lot of noise at night, like babies crying. Muttonbird parents arrive on silent wings after dark. Swooping low, they alight on the springy vegetation and run straight down the burrow. Each year they will fly up to twenty thousand kilometres around the Pacific, but, for this colony, Broughton is special. Here they were born, as were their parents and their parents and so on, for thousands of years. This island and the food supply around it, are a vital link in the life cycle of the muttonbird.

Broughton Island is part of the Myall Lakes National Park. It is essential that it stays free of predators such as dogs, cats and foxes. A torch and the willingness to walk about the island at night are all you need to observe yet another bird that breeds and sleeps underground. This island is close to the northern limit of the range of the little penguin. As soon as it is completely dark these diminutive black-and-white birds pop out of the surf and walk up the beach to their underground homes. By early summer their chicks are big and confident enough to wait outside the burrow or at the edge of the beach for the homecoming and welcome food. Adult penguins are sleek and glossy from a day's fishing, in contrast to the chicks, which resemble soft, downy footballs with a beak and flippers.


What do I bring?

Bring a hat, sunglasses, suntan cream, bathing suit, a warm jumper, change of clothes (minimal wardrobe needed), wet weather gear (no umbrellas), toilet kit, any special medicine you may need to take (we have a first aid kit aboard). Be sure to pack this in a flexible soft bag as there is no room aboard for hard luggage.

Please note that there is no smoking below. We have refrigeration for your drinks, so you don't need an eskie onboard.

How Long is the Sail?

The cruise is divided into two 6 day legs. You can join either or both of these legs.

What about meals?

Meals are included. If you have special dietary needs, please be sure to indicate this on your reservation form.

Where and when do we set sail?

Arrive at the Club Sail Office at 1:30 PM. We are at the Newport Anchorage, Office 10, Marina level, 79-81 Beaconsfield St, Newport close to the Newport Arms Hotel on the corner of Beaconsfield and Kalinya St. Newport. To see a map of how to find us, click here.

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6 day offshore milebuilder - $1,700

12 day offshore milebuilder - $3,200

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