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Sailing and Holidays in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a popular cruising area for yachts, each year hundreds of blue water yachts from around the world come to Port Vila to tie up to Yachting World's marina and moorings. Many of these are super yachts, but most are small cruising yachts that stay for up to 4 months, visiting the outer islands of Epi, Malekula, Ambrym, Pentecost, Maewo, and the Banks Islands. Superyachts cruising Vanuatu can make all arrangements via South Sea Shipping. The best Vanuatu marine weather site to watch is on

Order a copy of the Vanuatu cruising guide for the very best cruising guide available for any sailing destination. You'll also get a companion Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu which is a CD-ROM electronic tourism guide to Vanuatu . It is created by Tellus Consultants .

The program starts off with a NASA satellite view of Vanuatu taken from space. You can rocket from one island of Vanuatu to another almost instantly and click on an island to see what's there and what Vanuatu activities are available. For example, there is information on SCUBA diving , sport fishing, sailing and international sporting events There is a whole section on how to get married in vanuatu , the best vanuatu tours, and vanuatu shopping, vanuatu restaurants, vanuatu car rentals as well as the less interesting but utilitarian information on vanuatu visas, vanuatu travel-tips, vanuatu money and banking, in Vanuatu.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu has full details on Vanuatu accommodation, vanuatu hotels and Vanuatu resorts. Most of this information is not available anywhere else. It's all organised so you can quickly see where every Vanuatu hotel and every Vanuatu resort is located. You will see aerial photos of the location and surroundings and images of the hotel inside and out, so you will be able to judge which Vanuatu hotel or resort is just perfect for your needs. The guide is not limited to Port Vila accommodation or Santo resorts and hotels or Tanna resorts and bungalows . It has accommodation on every island in Vanuatu.

The Rocket Guide to Vanuatu CD ROM has complete information on conference venues to help you organise a meeting or incentive trip or event in Vanuatu. There are over 1400 high resolution Vanuatu photos, including 360 degree panoramic images of Vanuatu hotels, Vanuatu scenic places and the fabulous Vanuatu culture of these islands. There are taxis, buses, and vanuatu car rentals in Port Vila, and most of the larger islands. You will need to charter a boat, either a vanuatu fishing boat or a yacht, to visit some of the smaller Vanuatu islands.

The guide includes a virtual visit to yasur volcano on Tanna. Along with information on how to get there by air and where to stay in tanna. Tanna accommodation is not 5 star on the normal rating but they are 5 star on the happy adventure rating. There are great beaches in Tanna and fascinating festivals and cultural village tours.

If you are looking for adventure in Santo , with nice air conditioned waterfront bungalows, fabulous food, spectacular Vanuatu diving, great tours, go to Bokissa Private Island Resort. This private island is just a few miles from Luganville in Espiritu Santo - about an hour by domestic Air Vanuatu flight from the Vanuatu capital of Port Vila.

I hope you have fun adventuring and holidaying in vanuatu, and to have the best time possible, get a copy of the Rocket Travel Guide to Vanuatu DVD and plan your perfect vacation in the south Pacific.