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Introductory Weekend Aboard

"Just to have a go"

Learn the basics

Take a whole weekend on beautiful Pittwater to get the feel of this exciting sport and learn the basic skills and techniques of sailing with a friendly, sympathetic instructor. 4 to 5 Students per yacht.

Bosun's Package

Saving on Sailing Lessons

From your first day on a yacht to becoming a competent crew member.

Save $110 with a special Bosun's Package. You get two weekends aboard, the Introductory Weekend and the International Crew Weekend, with up to 3 months to complete the courses.

Weekend Sailing


introduction to sailing lessons pittwater


Introductory Weekend Aboard

Premium International Yacht Training

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What will I learn?introductory sailing lessons pittwater

During this two day, two night course, you will have a total of 18 hours of practical on board lessons, with a minimum of 3 hours of theory lessons.

We limit the activity to a maximum of 5 students per yacht so you will have personal attention from our qualified International Yachtmaster Training Instructor.

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You will discover:

  • Suitable clothing/footware, effects of heat and cold at sea.
  • The parts of a yacht and essential nautical terms.
  • Location and use of heads, bilge pumps, water pumps, cooker & propane gas, battery selector switch, cabin lights, general housekeeping rules.
  • Getting the yacht ready to sail.
  • Engine checks, fuel, mechanics, instrumentation, engine theory.
  • Securing for sea, lookout duties, steering and general duties.
  • Nautical right of way rules.
  • Steering a yacht.
  • Keeping a lookout.
  • How the wind drives the boat and how to use the sails properly.
  • How to tie four essential knots, coil and secure lines to a cleat.
  • Using winches.
  • How to turn the yacht with the sails up.
  • Crew etiquite and the essentials of living aboard.
  • Safety precautions - the location and use of life jackets, flares, lifefraft, first aid kit, fire extinguishers, safety harnesses.
  • Briefing on charts, tides/currents, weather forecasts, course setting, safe passage conditions.
  • Plus lots of other nautical information, with plenty of chances to ask whatever questions you might have.

You will have the option to buy an official International Yacht Training Log Book to record your accomplishments.

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What do I bring?

Bring a hat, sunglasses, suntan cream, bathing suit, a warm jumper, change of clothes (minimal wardrobe needed), rain jacket (no umbrellas), toilet kit, any special medicine you may need to take (we have a first aid kit aboard).

Be sure to pack this in a flexible soft bag as there is no room aboard for hard luggage.

Please note that there is no smoking below. We have refrigeration for your drinks, so you don't need to bring an eskie onboard.

How Long is the course?

Two days and two nights, from Friday at 7:00 PM Saturday to 4:00 PM Sunday.

What about meals?

Meals are included. If you have special dietary needs, please be sure to indicate this on your reservation form.

Where and when do we set sail?

Arrive at the Club Sail Office at 7:00 PM. We are at the Newport Anchorage, Office 10, Marina level, 79-81 Beaconsfield St, Newport close to the Newport Arms Hotel on the corner of Beaconsfield and Kalinya St. Newport. To see a map of how to find us, click here.

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AUD $690 for the overnight introductory sail. Two or more people $655

Save $110 with the Bosun's Package - Introductory Weekend and International Crew Weekend.

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  • AUD $690 for the overnight introductory sail. Two or more people $655
  • Save $110 with the Bosun's Package - Introductory Weekend and International Crew Weekend.

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It is advisable to be covered by an insurance policy for the adventure sailing trips to safeguard yourself in the case of cancellation. A copy of the policy is to be forwarded to Club Sail.

Whilst every effort will be made by the Instructor to give the students/passengers maximum time on the sea, weather conditions may be such that, in the opinion of the Instructor, the yacht or crew may be in danger and in such circumstances the vessel will remain in a place of safety. If the weather conditions are such that a prevention of the start or curtailment of a course or sailing trip occurs then no refunds will be given but alternative dates will be offered.

The Company reserves the right at its' discretion to transfer the course or sailing trip from one yacht to another and this action will in no way waive the terms and conditions stated herein. In the event of the Company having to cancel a course or sailing trip, without offering any acceptable alternative then the student/passenger shall be entitled to a full refund of monies paid and no further liability shall be incurred by the Company.

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“I gave this course to my son for his birthday and he came home absolutely stoked! Thanks.”

Frank Aubrey

“... My husband and I were so impressed with our Instructor. I just wanted to write to tell you that he's priceless. He made it all very easy to understand, fascinating, and fun. We went home feeling we really chose the right sailing school...”

“Good, Good, All Good. I'm signing up for the Crew weekend right now.”

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