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Sailing and Cruising

Once you have learned to sail with Club Sail, you have the entire South Pacific available for your cruising grounds .

The Melanesian islands, like the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Vanuatu are the closest to Australia. You can reach most of these in only a week's sail from some part of the east coast of Australia. Get a cruising guide to vanuatu ( Guide Nautique du Vanuatu ) or a cruising guide to new caledonia ( Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie) before you go. These CD based guides are the best way to get marine charts of vanuatu and marine charts of new caledonia.

The Polynesian islands are further away but, by stopping at the Melaneasian islands first, the passages are always less than a week. New Caledonia is just the first step in a south Pacific cruise. There is a wonderful virtual reality cruise of the New Caledonia Lagoon to whet your appetite. From there you could cruise to Samoa while PNG leads to the Micronesian islands of Palau. The goal, of course, of all this cruising is to expand your horizons and expectations to match your dreams.

If you go cruising you'll need information about the places you intend to visit whether it is Pittwater, Vanuatu, or New Caledonia. The best guides are the interactive Rocket Guides with satellite and aerial images of the anchorages produced by Tellus Consultants and Rocket Guides.

They also create a general vanuatu tourism guide and new caledonia tourism of interest to cruisers planning to visit these exotic countries.

You'll also need to know what the weather is going to be like whenever you go sailing. If you sail when the weather is nice you'll always have a good trip. The secret is picking the best time to go and going when the time is right. However, if you go with a captained yacht charter, the captain takes care of all the yacht charter details leaving you and your family free to enjoy the adventure. New Caledonia yacht charter is one of the best values for visiting the vast lagoon of new caledonia.

If you visit vanuatu aboard a yacht Yachting World, will be your home base in Port Vila.

Don't forget that cruising requires a certain mind set and awareness, you need something to do, like the sailers of old who used to do scrimshaw and etchings at sea. So prepare for your voyage to the South Pacific Islands by first getting the correct training, and then the best guidance you can find.