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Vacations in New Caledonia

If you decide to charter a yacht in New Caledonia or maybe sail there aboard a blue water yacht you'll need to have good information about the weather and sailing conditions there. For this, you should visit where you can also find information on the best cruising guide for New Caledonia.

The people of New Caledonia are enthusiastic about all kinds of sporting activities - especially competitive ones. Because the local people are so involved with sports you will find excellent support facilities and some kind of nautical or sporting "event" happening just about every weekend of the year. Lots of Superyachts visit Noumea every year and use Chloe at New Caledonia Superyacht Support Agency to provide them with services.

New Caledonia has an enormous coral lagoon - the largest lagoon in the world. Great for diving, snorkeling, sailing, jet-skiing, helicopter rides, the lagoon and its coral islands and coral reefs are largely protected marine sanctuaries. This means that when you go snorkeling or diving the fish are generally not afraid of you. They swim right up and allow you to take their photo.

New Caledonia accommodation falls into two categories - international hotels and resorts accommodation in Noumea and international accommodation in Isle of Pines and accommodation for the local tourism industry everywhere. Hotels and resorts in the loyalty islands (three islands of Mare, Lifou, and Ouvea) survive mainly on local tourists from Noumea but there are plenty of international visitors that head for the major resorts - like the 4 star Paradis Ouvea. In Lifou, there are three hotels plus lots of charming "cases" or Melanesian style bungalows of thatch. Because of the enthusiastic local market there are lots of camp sites available in New Caledonia.

You should also check out the Noumea Hotels site for information on what's available for your visitors and transit crew.

Have fun on your sailing holiday in New Caledonia. And if you want the very best tourism guide for New Caledonia, get the Rocket Guide to New Caledonia with thousands of terrific new caledonia photos of New Caledonia Accommodation and New Caledonia Activity. It is a real Annuaire de Tourisme Nouvelle Caledonie and you get it free if you buy the Guide Nautique Nouvelle Caledonie