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Most of your lessons will take place aboard one of our training yachts with only 4 to 5 like-minded students and a highly qualified instructor. Our graduates enjoy continued personal support via email and phone.


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The advantages of holding an International Yachtmaster’s Certificate ® and why you should choose International Yacht Training's recreational courses with Club Sail, Sydney, Australia.

  • The International Yachtmaster ® Coastal, Offshore and Ocean certificates are recognised by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).
  • The IYT Yachtmaster ® qualifications are recognised by insurance companies worldwide.
  • IYT Yachtmaster qualifications are recognised by all major yacht charter companies.
  • Yacht owners are always looking for highly experienced crew to command their vessels. Holders of the prestigious IYT Yachtmaster ® qualifications are most highly sought after for their recognised knowledge of nautical studies and proven practical competence and training.
  • Your IYT training will prepare you for a safe and rewarding experience on your own yacht, rental yachts, or aboard a friend's yacht.

Professional Careers Afloat

Have you considered a career as a captain or a crew on a super yacht?

If you are thinking of making a career change, filling a gap year, or choosing your profession upon leaving school, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill your dream of working internationally on a SuperYacht or in the Maritime Industry.

Work as a professional captain or crew on megayachts


Superyacht Crew Academy is an Australian Maritime Institute, a division of Club Sail, and an International Yacht Training, Inc. partnership school. The Academy offers professional sail and motor vessel IYT training courses as well as recreational IYT courses. The Superyacht Crew Academy has a special division The Sydney Maritime Institute set up for Training Australians to work on Australian Registered commercial boats.

IYT Certificates are MCA recognized allowing you to find employment on mega yachts registered in 23 countries around the world no matter

All commercial charter vessels require certified masters/captains and crew. Most insurance companies now require all paid crew to have MCA approved yachtmaster certificates and the STCW 95+10 courses.

IYT Professional Yachtmaster Courses are for advanced participants with certain requirements of pre-course experience. These are referred to in the details of each course listed below.

You are not precluded from these courses as a recreational sailor, in fact we highly recommend the extra depth of knowledge and certification to anyone. For those that are starting out afresh as a novice, Superyacht Crew Academy offers a "Fast Track" course option.

If you fall in between and are not a novice but don’t quite have enough experience to meet the required levels for the courses we will tailor course options just for you. This means you won't have to take courses you have done before. For example, maybe you need a few more offshore miles or an International Bareboat Captain/Skipper course or a VHF course. Whatever you require, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk through your personal circumstances.

After you have your IYT certificate, Superyacht Crew Academy will assist you with placement. For information about professional Superyacht Crew placements, click here

Your Sailing Career Choices

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